Building a Blackjack Command Line Game in Ruby

For my first project in my delve into software development, I was tasked with creating a CLI application. My partner, Jonathan Hakimian, and I decided on creating the classic game of Blackjack. We called it HackJack! Here’s how it felt along the way of building my first project!

What is Blackjack and how do you play it?

Defining Classes

User Stories

Set Up The Environment

Pair Programming

Throughout the week, there were so many times I was grateful to have a partner. Without a partner, some bugs that came up would’ve taken me hours or even days. But with a partner, we were able to fix every bug in minutes! Working together definitely comes with some guidelines, but it makes coding feel that much more empowering.

My top tips in pair programming are:

  • check your ego at the door
  • Always respond with “yes, and…”
  • Consider every option and explain your why

Here’s the link to our repo on GitHub. Download it and take a look! It was so much fun to code :)

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